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A client increases their investment portfolio with a loan of £400,000

The Challenge

Our client has a portfolio of investment properties and required £400,000 to complete the purchase of a further four-bedroom residential investment property in Slough requiring renovation. Once the renovations are complete the client will be renting out the property.

The Solution

As the property was unencumbered we were able to take a 1st Legal Charge over the property, and agreed a loan for 12 months, allowing the client time to complete the renovations, rent out the property. The client’s exit strategy is to obtain long-term finance from a mainstream lender.

Deal Breakdown:

Funds required: £4000,000
Time taken to complete: 21 working days
Loan duration: 12 months
LTV: 52%
Security: Four-bedroom residential property in Slough
Charge: 1st Charge
90 Day Valuation: £760,000

The client approached Kuflink as they knew us and were confident that we would be able to provide the finance in time.