How and when is interest paid on auto-invest?

We pay interest annually on the anniversary of your investment, directly into your wallet.

How does auto-invest work?

With Auto-Invest, your funds and your risk are automatically diversified across a portfolio of UK property loans.

Interest rates vary depending on the term you wish to invest for – you could earn 5.00% interest pa gross for a 1-year fixed-term investment, 6.10% interest pa gross for a 3-year fixed-term investment and 7.00% interest pa gross for a 5-year fixed-term investment. As with all investments, your capital is at risk.

What documentation do you require to open a corporate account?

Please scan and email the following documentation to

  • A recent extract of the Register of Incorporation
  • A copy of the Articles of Association of the legal entity
  • Proof of Identity. The following is required for each shareholder:For UK and EU citizens either a copy of the current ID card, Drivers Licence or PassportFor all other countries, a copy of the PassportProof of address. Please provide one copy of the following for each shareholder which should be no more than three months old showing your name and address.
What terms can I invest for in auto-invest?

You can invest for 1, 3 or 5 years fixed.