Corporate Investors

Are there any different lending opportunities for corporate investors?

No, the same opportunities are available on Select-Invest and Auto-Invest for both corporate and individual investors.

However, the Kuflink IF-ISA is currently not available to corporate investors.

Can I hold a corporate and an individual account?

Yes, you can hold an account as an individual and in a company name.

What documentation do you require to open a corporate account?

Please scan and email the following documentation to

  • A recent extract of the Register of Incorporation
  • A copy of the Articles of Association of the legal entity
  • Proof of Identity. The following is required for each shareholder:For UK and EU citizens either a copy of the current ID card, Drivers Licence or PassportFor all other countries, a copy of the PassportProof of address. Please provide one copy of the following for each shareholder which should be no more than three months old showing your name and address.