Terms and Conditions - Refer a Friend

To qualify for this referral scheme, you must be aged 18 or over.

You (known as the Referrer) can refer a friend (Referee) to join Kuflink. The Referrer must be an existing customer who has already invested a minimum of £100 on the platform. The Referee cannot already hold an account or have previously held an account with Kuflink. The Referee's registration with Kuflink is subject to eligibility criteria.

When registering with Kuflink Ltd. the Referee must enter our website using a link shared with them by the Referrer to confirm the referral.

Cashback will be rewarded to both referrer and referee based on the following cashback tiered rates:
£50 cashback for £500-£999.99 investments
£100 cashback for £1000-£4999.99 investments
£250 cashback for £5000+

The Referee must invest a minimum of £500 onto the platform for both parties to qualify for this scheme. The Referee can invest in as many opportunities as are available across Select-Invest, Auto-Invest and IF-ISA. Secondary Market investments are not eligible for cashback. Qualifying cashback amounts will be rewarded to both the Referrer and Referee. The referee will have a 24-hour limit starting from the moment they make their first £100 investment to invest any additional amount. There is no limit to the amount of money the Referee can invest.

A Referrer can refer as many friends as they wish during the promotional period. Each referral will be treated as a new entrance during the reward period. The Referrer is entitled to a cashback reward based on the specified cashback tiers for each friend they refer who successfully invests the required amount.

The Referrer does not need to be outside of their 14-day cooling off period (but cannot be a referee themselves) to refer a friend however, cashback will not be paid until the referee is out of their 14-day cooling off period and the deal is live, not in reserve. You will not earn cashback on reserve deals until they are live.

After a Referee has invested their qualifying amount and passed their 14-day cooling off period they can also refer a friend.

The cash amount rewarded to both the Referrer and Referee will be transferred six months after the Referee’s first investment is made. If Kuflink Ltd. withdraws the refer-a-friend offer after your referee has invested and before your cashback has been paid you will still receive the cashback reward.

The reward will be transferred into your online Kuflink wallet. The reward cannot be deposited directly into your bank account; however, you can withdraw the cash reward from your Kuflink wallet into your bank account. Rewards cannot be given in any form other than cash deposited into your Kuflink wallet.

A Referrer cannot introduce themselves by setting up another Kuflink account. A Referrer cannot open accounts impersonating family and/or friends to gain from this cashback offer. If the same Referee is introduced by more than one Referrer the reward will be given to the Referrer who first made the Referral.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions. Kuflink Ltd works on a last-click basis, this means the most recent campaign you interacted with will be the campaign assigned to you and any other offer will be disregarded. Kuflink Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time and without prior notice.

Kuflink Ltd. reserves the right to close an account without notice and reverse any investments in place linked to this account.

Last updated 08/04/2019