Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions

2nd November 2020

  1. General
    1. Kuflink’s Affiliate Programme started on 2nd Nov 2020 and will run indefinitely. Kuflink reserves the right to amend or end the present terms and conditions of the Affiliate Programme unilaterally and without prior notice.
    2. These terms and conditions apply to approved Affiliates.
  2. Applying to become an approved Affiliate (the Affiliate)
    1. Any natural person or legal entity that fits Kuflink’s existing investor eligibility criteria (this can be found under Investor Terms and Conditions) can apply to Kuflink’s Affiliate Programme.
    2. The Affiliate will have either website, blog, social media account, vlog, podcast, live streaming channel, newsletter or a comparable channel (the Channel) used to publish financial offers and/or with a relevant and suitable audience.
    3. In order to apply, the prospecting Affiliate will e-mail
    4. Kuflink will assess each applicant on a case-by-case basis. Kuflink has total discretion over which applications are approved for the Affiliate Programme.
    5. Kuflink is under no obligation to inform the person or company of its decision to reject the application or disclose the reasons behind the rejection.
  3. Promotional material
    1. The Affiliate will have access to Kuflink branding promotional materials which cannot be altered in any way.
    2. If the Affiliate is creating their own content and/or digital assets about Kuflink’s promotional offers, the Affiliate must seek approval from Kuflink. The promotional material must be FCA compliant.
    3. The onus is on the Affiliate to ensure that the information and promotional offers they hold for Kuflink are current. Kuflink takes no responsibility for outdated promotional offers shared by Affiliates.
    4. If any Kuflink employee notifies the Affiliate that some/all of its advertised information or promotional marketing is outdated and needs to be amended, the Affiliate will make the necessary updates and review the rest of their marketing related Kuflink within 14 working days.
  4. Prohibited Affiliate activity
    1. The Affiliate is prohibited from using Kuflink’s promotional material in any way which contradicts Kuflink’s values or purpose, or in any way that could be considered unfair commercial practice. For the avoidance of doubt, if the Affiliate is unsure whether it’s marketing activities comply, they should contact their account manager at Kuflink.
    2. The Affiliate is prohibited from bidding on Kuflink’s brand terms on any search engine. This includes variations of the branding terms or misspellings.
      1. Should the Affiliate want to run PPC campaigns or similar, they must request consent from Kuflink first.
  5. Removal of an Affiliate
    1. Kuflink reserves the right to remove an Affiliate from the Affiliate Programme without prior notice if the Affiliate commits any prohibited act under Section 4 or fails to follow Section 3.4.
    2. In the event that an Affiliate is removed from the Affiliate Programme, they must remove all reference to Kuflink from their Channel.
  6. Payment conditions
    1. The Affiliate will receive a one-time payment (the Commission) for each new investor (the Investor) they refer to Kuflink who successfully signs up and invests a minimum of £500. The commission they receive will be in line with the enhanced commission. The Investor must meet Kuflink’s investor eligibility criteria.
    2. When the Investor successfully makes their first investment, they will have a 14-calender day window to maximise their cashback by investing further funds.
    3. The Commission will be paid to the Affiliate 30-calender days after the Investor’s 14-calendar day window closes. This is an estimated payment date.
    4. If the Investor withdraws their investment within the 14-day cooling off period, the Affiliate will not be paid the Commission.
    5. The Commission will be paid directly into the Affiliates Kuflink wallet. It cannot be deposited directly into the Affiliates nominated bank account.
    6. The Affiliate can withdraw the Commission to their nominated bank account immediately.
    7. All commissions and cashbacks are inclusive of any tax that may be applicable.
    8. *New Investor Cashback is Capped to a maximum £4,000 cashback.
    9. **Affiliate Commission is capped to a maximum £500.00 cashback.

Investment Amount Between

New Investor Cashback*

Affiliate Commission**

£ 500 - £. 999.99


£ 20

£ 1,000 - £ 4,999.99



£ 5,000 - £24,999.99



£25,000 - £49,999.99



£50,000 - £99,999.99



£100,000 +