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For centuries, people have been bypassing the banks and lending money to one another on their own terms. This simple principle, along with a few tweaks to protect both sides of the arrangement, is a basic form of peer to peer lending.

In today’s world, peer to peer lending (sometimes referred to as P2P investing) is easier than ever, because expert platforms such as ourselves have evolved that do most of the hard work for us.

Lenders can earn competitive rates of interest* and borrowers often receive funds far more quickly than they would through traditional means.

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What is a peer to peer investment platform?

P2P platforms such as Kuflink bring lenders and borrowers together, undertaking due diligence on the loans they agree and then offering their community of lenders the opportunity to fund these loans, in return for interest.

Most platforms exist solely online and take security for loans in the form of various assets, such as property*.

Our P2P Investment Opportunities

Browse our handpicked, credit committee approved lending opportunities. From auction purchases to outstanding new housing developments, you’ll find plenty of ways to maximise your money

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Build Your Bespoke Portfolio

Up to 7.2% pa*

  • check_circle_outline Choose individual projects to lend to
  • check_circle_outline We co-invest 5% alongside you in every deal
  • check_circle_outline Projects start from just 3 months
  • check_circle_outline Secondary market available
Innovative Finance ISA

Innovative Finance ISA

Boost Your Tax-Free Returns

Up to 7.0% pa*

  • check_circle_outline Use your £20,000 annual tax-free allowance
  • check_circle_outline 1, 3 and 5 year terms
  • check_circle_outline Transfer your existing ISA to us online
  • check_circle_outline Get started today with just £100
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Hands-Off Investing

Up to 7.0% pa*

  • check_circle_outline We spread your money across multiple opportunities
  • check_circle_outline Regularly updated, fully vetted and expertly chosen portfolio
  • check_circle_outline 1, 3 and 5 year terms
  • check_circle_outline Interest paid to you annually

Our wind-down plan

Kuflink has continued with its strong commitment to investing in the future of the platform. Developing new products and features centred around user experience has been at the core of our research and development. We wholeheartedly intend to keep investing in our team and infrastructure with a confident view of furthering Kuflink’s purpose of ‘Connecting People to Financial Freedom’. Nevertheless, as required by Regulations and being a responsible peer-to-peer platform, Kuflink also monitors its risks and has developed contingency plans for a variety of scenarios.

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