Secondary Market

Buy and sell existing investments. Terms and conditions apply.

Want to access your funds earlier than planned?

Simply list your investment for sale on our secondary market. It’s an online marketplace, where you’ll be able to sell your investments and purchase new ones from your fellow lenders.

You’re in Control

As a Kuflink investor, you’ll have the right to continually review and manage your own portfolio – even if that means wanting to switch things around during your agreed investment term.

Exclusively available for Select-Invest opportunities, our easy-to-use secondary market provides early access to funds for sellers and the chance for buyers to invest in some fantastic loans they may have missed first time around.

Sales on the marketplace aren’t guaranteed but our award-winning investments don’t tend to hang around for long!

check_circle_outline 0.25% seller fee
check_circle_outline Free for buyers
check_circle_outline Easy-to-use
check_circle_outline Browse from your Kuflink account
check_circle_outline Exclusive to Select-Invest loans
check_circle_outline Some restrictions apply