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Bridging Loan Calculator

Bridging Loan Calculator
Please select Auto or Manual:

Auto - Automatically selects the interest rate and lender facility fee.

Manual - Allows manual input of the monthly interest rate and lender facility fee. This is useful if you want to compare options.
Please Note: We recommend that you keep the calculator set at ‘Auto’.

By setting to ‘Manual’ you will be required to enter the monthly interest rate, facility fee and if applicable any exit fee.

Back to Auto Continue to Manual
Loan Amount Required
Please enter the Bridging Loan amount that you require.
The total ‘net’ loan amount that you are looking to borrow. This is the amount you are expecting to receive before interest or any other costs have been added.
Term Required
The maximum number of months that you require the loan for.
Properties Used as Security
Please enter the number of properties that you would like to secure the loan against.
Property 1: Value
Please enter the estimated market value of the property (or properties) being used as security.
The estimated market value of the property being used as security.
Property 1: Mortgage Balance
The total balance of any mortgages secured on the property that are not being cleared and will still be outstanding upon receipt of the bridging loan.
Property 2: Value
Property 2: Mortgage Balance
Property 3: Value
Property 3: Mortgage Balance
Property 4: Value
Property 4: Mortgage Balance
Property 5: Value
Property 5: Mortgage Balance
Property 6: Value
Property 6: Mortgage Balance
Interest Roll Up or Pay Monthly
Rolled Up Interest means the interest is charged at the end of each month and then added to the loan balance. It is then paid when the loan is redeemed.

Pay Monthly option means that the interest is charged and paid at the end of each month. It is not added to the loan facility.
Redemption Amount if
Loan Cleared Early

Amount to Repay if Loan
Cleared at the End of:
Enter the month in which you could repay the loan early. The calculator will provide an estimated settlement amount for clearing the loan facility at the end of the month you select.
Instant Results
Please Note: The Loan to Value has exceeded the maximum of 100%

You can reduce the loan to value by any one, or more, of the following actions:

1. Reduce the loan amount required
2. Add additional security
3. Reduce the loan term required - Not advised and may not be an option
4. Consider making monthly interest payments rather than roll up interest - Not advised and may not be an option

If you wish to continue using the calculator without Loan to Value restrictions, please switch the calculator from Auto to Manual.

Bridging loan amount required before interest or any other costs have been added.Net Bridging Loan Amount ___
This is the length of the loan in months.Loan Term ___
Monthly rate of interest charged on the loan facility.Monthly Interest Rate ___
Calculated as a percentage of the net loan amount and added to the loan facility. Amount of facility fee is illustrated, and the percentage charged is shown in brackets.Lender Facility Fee (0.5%) ___
This is the net loan amount plus the lender facility fee.Net Loan Plus Facility Fee ___
This is the average monthly amount of interest charged based on the full term of the loan. Interest is calculated on the loan balance each month and then added to the facility.Average Monthly Interest ___
This is the total amount of interest that will be charged if the loan is cleared right at the end of its term.Interest if Loan Runs Full Term ___
This is the total of the net loan amount, plus lender facility fee, plus the total roll up interest amount if the loan runs full term.Gross Loan ___
This is calculated using the loan amount plus any mortgages left in place, and the total value of the properties used as security.Loan To Value (LTV) ___
Other Costs
This is the estimated cost if a full valuation is required on the properties offered as security. This figure maybe reduced if a desktop, drive by or existing valuation is sufficient for the lender.Valuation Fees ___
Most lenders charge administration fees, the amount of which can vary. The fee shown is for a typical plan.Lenders Administration Fee ___
Lenders will require clients to pay any legal fees incurred in relation to arranging their loan.Estimated Lender Legal Costs ___
Lenders are charged this fee for sending the proceeds of the loan to their solicitor. They claim this charge back from their customers.Telegraphic Transfer Fee ___
When the loan is repaid the lenders charge an admin fee to remove their charge over the security property.Redemption Administration Fee ___
Some loan plans have exit fees. The vast majority of our loan plans do not.Exit Fee ( 0%) ___
Most brokers and packagers charge fees, we do not.Packager and Broker Fees ___
Loan Settlement
This is the estimated amount required to clear the loan facility if it runs full term.Redemption Amount at Full Term ___
This is an estimate of the amount required to settle the loan if it is cleared early, at the end of the month selected.Early Settlement, Month 5 ___