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Refer A Friend

Refer a friend bonus

Terms and conditions

This promotion ended on midnight 17/04/2022

When you introduce someone to Kuflink, you can earn real cash into your wallet from each qualifying referral. The person you refer (the Referee) will receive New Investor cashback.

In order to qualify, you (an existing Kuflink investor who has invested at least £1000 on the platform) must refer someone (known as the Referee) to join Kuflink. The Referee must sign up to Kuflink via your unique referral link in order to confirm the referral. You can find your unique referral link by logging into the platform.

The Referee must not have signed up or invested with Kuflink before. The Referrer will need to sign up and comply with Kuflink’s standard eligibility criteria. In order for you to earn referral commission, the Referee must meet the criteria set out for the New Investor promotion (you can find information and T&C’s here).

You will earn cashback once the Referee signs up and invest a minimum of £1000 and qualifies for cashback in line with the New Investor promotion. Once they have invested the minimum amount, they will have 14-calendar days to maximise their own cashback and once this window has closed, your commission will be calculated in line with the table below.

Your Referee Invests

Your Commission

Enhanced Commission *

Between £ 500.00 & £ 999.99

£ 10.00

£ 20.00

Between £1,000.00 & £ 4,999.99

£ 75.00

£ 150.00

Between £5,000.00 & £24,999.99

£ 125.00

£ 250.00

Above £25,000.00

£ 250.00

£ 500.00

* Once you successfully refer 5 people to Kuflink within the campaign period, you’ll begin earning Enhanced Commission rates for each referral you make.

Your commission will be paid into your wallet 12 months after the Referrer’s first qualifying live investment is made. All cashback and commissions are inclusive of any tax that maybe applicable.
Payment dates are estimated and cannot be guaranteed.

This promotion began on 02/11/2020 and ended on midnight 17/04/2022. Only referrals made within this promotion period will be eligible for a referral bonus and Kuflink reserves the right to withdraw or amend the offer at any time and without prior notice. You can refer as many people as you want to during the promotional period, and you don’t need to be out of your 14-day cooling off period before you start referring people to Kuflink.

If Kuflink withdraws the Refer a Friend promotion after your Referee has invested but before either of your cashback/commissions have been paid, you will still receive these into your wallet when they fall due.

The cashback will be transferred into your wallet. It cannot be deposited directly into your bank account; however, you can withdraw it from your wallet into your Nominated Bank Account. Cashback cannot be given in any form other than cash deposited into your wallet.

A Referrer cannot introduce themselves by setting up another Kuflink account. A Referrer cannot open accounts impersonating family and/or friends to benefit from this cashback offer.

If the same Referee is introduced by more than one Referrer the cashback will be given to the Referrer who made the first Referral. Kuflink works on a last-click basis, this means the most recent campaign the Referee interacted with will be the campaign assigned to them and any other offer will be disregarded.