Auto/Auto IF-ISA 1%, 2% or 3% Cashback Boost (T&C’s apply)

Don't invest unless you're prepared to lose money. This is high-risk investment. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more

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Information about the IFISA
Researching IF-ISAs

No. As a result of being peer to peer (P2P) investments, IF-ISAs are not covered by FSCS protection.

IF-ISA rates of return IF-ISA rates can vary between each provider and you could typically earn anywhere between 3.5% - 10% gross per annum*** over the term, which is typically up to 5 years. Some providers may also offer a sign up bonus to immediately boost your return.

You typically earn a higher interest rate on longer investment terms. Interest rates vary from provider to provider, with each having their own minimum investment terms and fees. Ensure you read all terms related to the product before making an investment.


Less Favourable

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IF-ISA Rules

You can invest the maximum amount across all ISA types per tax year, but are only able to pay new money into one account of each type. As a rule, lenders are only permitted to hold one Innovative Finance ISA account with a single P2P platform provider per tax year. However, you may transfer old ISA accounts to a new provider, should you wish.

If you are a non-UK resident you will only be able to open an IF-ISA if you or your spouse perform duties of a Crown employee, such as being a member of the UK armed forces, a civil servant or a diplomat. This will only apply if these duties are treated as being performed in the UK.

You can transfer Cash, Stocks and Shares ISAs and even IF-ISAs you currently hold with another provider. Previous years’ subscriptions don’t count towards your annual ISA allowance but current year subscriptions must be transferred in whole and will count towards your ISA allowance.

Since launching in 2016, the IF-ISA market has seen a growing number of providers and choice for the consumer.

You should first consider the level of risk you’re comfortable taking. Often the rate of return provides an indication of the level of risk involved in the investment. For example, a 10% gross per annum IF-ISA would typically carry more risk than one offering 6% gross per annum, however this should never be solely used to determine the risk level.

The reputation and reviews of a provider could also be factored in, i.e. a provider with a full track record and positive customer reviews could be used as a good indicator, however past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Some providers offer special deals on entry IF-ISA investments. These incentives should be considered when comparing provider rates of return for initial and subsequent investments.

As IF-ISAs carry an element of risk, you should have a clear understanding of how these investments work and whether they present the right opportunity for you. If in doubt, please contact a qualified financial advisor for further information.

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ISA Case Study 1

The Kuflink IF-ISA is easy to setup and use, with funds being automatically diversified for hassle-free lending. This is a big benefit for myself where time is a luxury. The interest gained from the Kuflink IF-ISA compares favourably with other IF-ISA’s available on the market.

Customer service from Kuflink has been exceptional, and they have promptly responded to my queries. Kuflink offered cashback on initial funds deposited as part of their new investor promotion, with excellent interest rates and have various securities to mitigate the risk inherently associated with peer-to-peer lending.

I have a Lifetime ISA, which accounts for £4,000 of my ISA allowance each year (20%), with the remainder of my allowance invested into a Kuflink IF-ISA.

I became aware of Kuflink and their IF-ISA during a radio commercial almost two years ago. I decided to ‘dip my toes in the water’ with an initial IF-ISA investment. I never looked back from this point, because the advantages became so apparent. Most cash ISA providers are still paying out a miniscule return on investments.

What I love about the Kuflink IF-ISA is the flexibility of investment rate which increases commensurate to 3 levels of investment periods and the spread of opportunities which give increased security, rather than putting ‘all your eggs in one basket’.

After hearing Kuflink’s radio advert, I did my own research and found Kuflink had grown organically and is a well-established company in the peer to peer lending environment. My confidence to invest was amplified by telephone conversations with the investor relations team, initially Ranj and subsequently later, Lisa. Both have been of great assistance to me as someone who hadn’t got a clue about peer to peer lending investments. They hand held me through the process in a friendly, professional and transparent manner. So much so that my wife has now converted to becoming a Kuflink customer!

Since the government introduced the tax free ISA investment programme I have invested annually. In the first instance cash ISA’s only until the returns became uninviting and then subsequently transferred cash to Stocks and Shares ISA’s, which are income based and which give me a return of 4%-5% gross per annum*. The Kuflink IF-ISA currently represents 33% of my total ISA portfolio.

ISA Case Study 2
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